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‘Pahwa Enterprises' is a group of knowledge-based technology-driven airgineering companies specialising in products and services “with desiccant at core, in relation to air”. The Group is professionally managed with Mr. Deepak Pahwa, as the Group Chairman.

The core strength of the group companies is concentrated in desiccant and desiccant-based technologies; specializing in products and services “with desiccant at core, in relation to air”. Operating within a broad framework of 'environment and energy', the group companies manufacture products like dehumidifiers, resin dryers, product dryers, air & gas purification systems,  energy recovery and fresh air treatment  systems.

The group employs about 1000+ persons.


Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd.

Bry-Air (Asia) has been at the forefront of dehumidification and industrial airtreatment technology with product range that includes Desiccant Dehumidifiers, Air & Gas Purification System, Resin Drying equipments, Product Dryers.

Flexible Barrier Storage Systems and Complete Environmental Control Systems. ISO-14001:2004 and ISO-9001:2008 certified, Bry-Air (Asia) a Pahwa Enterprise, is headquartered in Delhi and has three modern plants in India.

The products are not only sold in the Indian Market but also exported to Japan, South East-Asian Market, Indian subcontinent, West Asia, Middle East, Australia and Africa. Bry-Air (Asia) has its direct sales and service offices in Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Mumbai, Baroda, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kochi in India also has representative offices in Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Turkey, South Africa, and office and warehouse in UAE.

Bry-Air has wholly owned subsidiaries in Malaysia and China with associated plant in Brazil and USA. Bry-Air Asia, is the first and only Indian HVAC company to have made an acquisition overseas acquiring
A+H, Hamburg, a leading dehumidifier manufacturer in Germany.

Bry-Air (Asia) has regularly been awarded certificates for Export Excellence in its category since 1992 by the EEPC (Engineering Export Promotion Council). It is also the winner of the "Star Performer (Small Enterprise Award) in its category for the year 2005-06 by EEPC.


Desiccant Rotors International (DRI)

DRI is one of the world's leading manufacturers of products for Energy Recovery and other equipment for Ventilation / Fresh Air Treatment for maintaining IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) : Ecofresh Molecular sieve coated Heat/Enthalpy Wheels, Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs), Treated Fresh Air (TFA) Units, EcoFresh Carbon Dioxide Sensor (for monitoring IAQ), EcoCool cellulose-based Evaporative Cooling Pads for Humidification/Evaporative Cooling & ARCTIC Coolers.

DRI has been awarded 100% success rating under AHRI evaluation programme for consecutive last seven years and has been a participating member right since inception of Eurovent certification program for Rotary Heat Exchangers.

DRI's “Green” products help to optimize energy performance of air conditioning systems resulting in considerable reduction in installed tonnage, reduction in utility bills for entire life cycle, enhanced IAQ and productivity and reduced health risks as well as leading to achieve rating points for energy certification programs like Greenstar and LEED.

DRI is committed to the cause of a sustainable future and is an active member of the Green Building movement. DRI is a founder member of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), South Africa GBC (GBCSA), Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) and Member of US, Philippines & Australia Green Building Councils and actively participating in green building movement across the world.

All the products find a wide application in commercial spaces like hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, auditoriums and all conditioned spaces as well as conditioned manufacturing and processing areas of pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, defense etc.

The products are exported to S.E. Asia, West Asia, Middle and Far East, Africa, Indian sub-continent, CIS countries, New Zealand, Australia and is the first choice of OEMs in North America, Japan, Korea and Europe.

DRI has been recognized by EEPC (Engineering Export Promotion Council) for its “Outstanding contribution to Engineering Exports” and awarded the “Star Performer” for the year 2006-2007 as well as the Highest Exporter Award in Thrust Markets for 2004-2005 in Northern Region.


Delair India Pvt. Ltd.

Delair India, ISO 9001:2008 certified, specializes in design, engineering and manufacturing of Compressed Air Drying Systems - Refrigeration and Desiccant Type, Dehydrators, Pressurizers, Cable Dryers and Brake Air Dryers.


Technical Drying Services Asia Pvt. Ltd. (TDS)

Provides “Dry Air on Rent” round the clock. Backed by years of experience, trained and skilled crew and top-of-the-line equipment and tools, TDS provides the fastest solutions with optimum results to the short-term moisture and humidity problems and drying requirements.


Puriflair India Pvt. Ltd.

An ISO 9001:2000 company, has strong presence in the Air Engineering and Air Treatment market, manufactures and markets compressed air dryers and accessories.

Arctic India International specializes in export of Ironware, horn handicrafts and textile madeups.

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